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Caffeine Lovers Rejoice: 17 Must-Visit Cafes in Oklahoma City!

Oklahoma City is a vibrant and bustling city with a thriving food and drink scene. From trendy coffee shops to cozy cafes, there is no shortage of great places to grab a cup of coffee and a bite to eat.

Whether you're looking for a quick caffeine fix or a leisurely brunch with friends, Oklahoma City has something to offer.

The city's cafes are as diverse as its neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and charm.

Some offer a cozy and laid-back atmosphere, while others boast modern decor and trendy vibes. No matter what your style, you're sure to find a cafe that fits the bill.

But with so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start. That's why we've put together a list of the best cafes in Oklahoma City, highlighting the top spots for coffee, brunch, and everything in between.

So whether you're a local looking for a new favorite spot or a visitor trying to get a taste of the city's coffee culture, read on to discover the best cafes in Oklahoma City.

1. Cafe Kacao

Cafe Kacao
3325 N Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73118 (Google Maps)

Cafe Kacao is a Latin American restaurant that serves homestyle Guatemalan favorites and Latin-themed cuisine.

The menu is extensive and includes a variety of coffee drinks that are mouth-watering. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, and the service is fantastic.

The food is authentic and flavorful, and the portions are ample. The restaurant can get busy, so it's recommended to make a reservation or use the no wait app.

Cafe Kacao is a must-try for anyone looking for an excellent brunch spot or a taste of Latin American cuisine.

2. Garden Cafe at Full Circle Bookstore

Garden Cafe At Full Circle Bookstore
1900 Northwest Expy, Oklahoma City, OK 73118 (Google Maps)

Garden Cafe at Full Circle Bookstore is a charming cafe that offers great coffee, wine, and delicious desserts.

They also have a lunch menu for those who want to grab a quick bite while reading a book. The staff is friendly and polite, making the experience even better.

The cafe's design is beautiful and provides a peaceful environment for reading or working.

They often host events such as live music, community discussions, and book signings, making it a great place to socialize and meet new people. If you're a book lover, this cafe is a must-visit.

3. Cafe Oasis

Cafe Oasis
1135 NW 25th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106 (Google Maps)

Cafe Oasis is a contemporary Chinese eatery that offers classic dishes, flavored teas, and smoothies all day. The cafe has a cozy and serene atmosphere with a variety of seating options.

The staff is very friendly, accommodating, and quick to serve. The menu has a great selection of vegetarian options and dishes inspired by several countries.

The food is well-flavored, fresh, and reasonably priced. The bubble teas, smoothies, and creative beverages are blended nicely and taste delicious.

The only inconvenience is that the restrooms are shared with other restaurants and patrons of the supermarket. If you're looking for Asian cuisine that will bless your taste buds, Cafe Oasis is definitely worth a visit.

4. Junction Coffee

Junction Coffee
611 N Broadway Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (Google Maps)

Junction Coffee is a quaint independent coffee shop that offers great coffee and lovely friendly service.

Whether you're there to study, visit with friends, or take young kids, the atmosphere is welcoming to all.

The cafe has a fantastic vibe, chill, and perfect to come and do some work and be able to focus. The coffee is hard to beat, too!

The employees try to remember names, which truly gives it a personal feel when you come in. It's no wonder why it's considered the best coffee shop in downtown.

5. Prelude Coffee Roasters

Prelude Coffee Roasters
3 NE 8th St Ste 210, Oklahoma City, OK 73104 (Google Maps)

Prelude Coffee Roasters is a hidden gem that coffee lovers will appreciate. Tucked away on the second level of a market, this cafe offers an airy and laid-back atmosphere to relax and enjoy a cup of truly fresh roasted coffee.

The knowledgeable and friendly staff are always ready to explain their process of roasting and brewing methods.

In addition to coffee, they also offer other beverages like tea, horchata, and hot chocolate. The cafe is a great spot to hang out and chat with the baristas.

The cafe also has an amazing selection of books to enjoy. Don't forget to try their delicious chai latte. Highly recommended!

6. Toast & Coffee

Toast & Coffee
2416 N Robinson Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 (Google Maps)

Toast & Coffee is a hidden gem worth checking out. The locally owned cafe offers delicious food and coffee options at a comparable price to popular chains.

The menu has a variety of options to customize your order. The staff is friendly and customer-focused, making the experience pleasant.

The cozy and chic atmosphere is perfect for a quick snack or coffee stop. The outdoor patio is covered with well-kept plants, adding to the relaxing ambiance.

Whether you're looking for a new brunch spot or a place to study, Toast & Coffee is definitely worth a visit.

7. Rise Cafe

Rise Cafe
725 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (Google Maps)

Rise Cafe is a hidden gem that offers more than just amazing coffee and quick bites. This small coffee shop is owned by the City mission and provides a place for people to build their experience.

The staff is super friendly and attentive, making sure customers are happy with their coffee and experience.

The food is delicious and the drinks are wonderful, with a nice chill vibe. It's a great spot to remote work, with plenty of outlets and cute spaces to sit and collaborate.

The passing cars provide a good visual distraction, and the music isn't too loud. Don't miss out on your bit of Rise in the morning!

8. Shartel Cafe

Shartel Cafe
5116 N Shartel Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73118 (Google Maps)

Shartel Cafe is a hidden gem that offers delectable homemade food and friendly service. The cafe has a small-town feel and a cozy ambiance that makes it perfect for a quick bite or a leisurely meal.

The menu is short and sweet, with a variety of breakfast and lunch options that are reasonably priced.

The daily specials are always worth trying, and the soups and sandwiches are a must-try. The staff is welcoming and attentive, making sure that every customer leaves satisfied.

Whether you're in the mood for a hearty meal or just a cup of coffee, Shartel Cafe is the place to be.

9. Buzz Coffee & Cafe

Buzz Coffee & Cafe
101 N Broadway Ave STE 1120, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (Google Maps)

Buzz Coffee & Cafe is a hidden gem in downtown OKC. Tucked away in the BancFirst building, this cafe offers delicious coffee and tasty sandwiches.

The owner, Allison, is friendly and welcoming, making every customer feel at home.

The cozy atmosphere and excellent customer service make Buzz Coffee & Cafe a great spot to grab a quick lunch or coffee break.

Don't miss out on this charming cafe!

10. Ground Floor Cafe & Bakery

Ground Floor Cafe & Bakery
211 N Robinson Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (Google Maps)

Ground Floor Cafe & Bakery is a must-visit for anyone looking for a delicious and quick lunch.

The staff is friendly and accommodating, always making sure to prepare everything fresh and exactly to order.

The sandwich and soup deal is a great option for those in a hurry, while the Parmesan crusted tilapia is a standout special of the day.

Breakfast options are also available, making it a great spot for a quick bite any time of day. The relaxed American cafe atmosphere and tasty baked goods make it a gem in the downtown area.

11. The Copley

The Copley
610 NW 23rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 (Google Maps)

The Copley is a sleek and contemporary cafe that offers a variety of food and drink options. The open floor plan and plentiful seating options make for a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

The cafe offers gluten-free options at no extra charge, making it a great choice for those with dietary restrictions.

With two patios, it's the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine on a sunny day. The staff is friendly and attentive, making sure that customers have a great experience.

Whether you're looking for a quick bite or a place to relax with friends, The Copley is definitely worth a visit.

12. StellaNova

119 N Robinson Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (Google Maps)

StellaNova is a cozy little cafe in downtown that offers some of the best coffee and lattes in the city. The service is quick and the staff is friendly.

They have a huge selection of food and drinks, including pastries, wraps, and ice cream. It's a great place to study or work, with plenty of seating and outlets to charge up.

The atmosphere is welcoming, with big windows that let in lots of natural light. The baristas are incredibly nice and seem to enjoy working with customers.

StellaNova is definitely worth a visit if you're looking for a great coffee shop in downtown.

13. The Lobby Cafe & Bar

The Lobby Cafe & Bar
4322 N Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73118 (Google Maps)

The Lobby Cafe & Bar is a stylish bistro located inside a 1940s theater. They offer updated American classics and cocktails, and you can also order from the adjacent restaurants.

The atmosphere is mellow and cozy, perfect for a laid-back evening with friends. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the service is excellent.

They have a great selection of bourbon and whiskey, and the food is delicious. Live music adds to the overall experience, making it a fantastic place to visit for dinner, drinks, and entertainment.

If you're looking for a hidden gem in town, The Lobby Cafe & Bar is definitely worth checking out.

14. Dutch Bros Coffee

Dutch Bros Coffee
300 S MacArthur Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73128 (Google Maps)

Dutch Bros Coffee is a fun-loving drive-thru cafe that offers customized coffee, energy drinks, tea, and more. The staff is known for their genuine happiness, which translates into excellent customer service and product quality.

Although the wait times can be a bit long, the staff takes their time to connect with customers and make them feel welcome.

The menu offers above-average sugar-free options, but it would be great if they could ditch the artificial sweeteners.

If you're looking for a coffee place with a great atmosphere and delicious drinks, Dutch Bros Coffee is definitely worth a visit.

15. Cafe Cuvee

Cafe Cuvee
First Floor of Ambassador Hotel, 1200 N Walker Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 (Google Maps)

Cafe Cuvee is a French bistro located inside a swanky hotel. The restaurant serves locally sourced dishes with a global twist.

The staff is friendly and attentive, making the dining experience even better. The coffee is excellent and the breakfast choices are great.

The atmosphere is elegant and comfortable, perfect for sharing conversations. The food is delicious and the portions are good.

Valet parking is complimentary if you're dining in the restaurant. The prices are slightly high, but the quality of the food and service is worth it.

16. Elemental Coffee

Elemental Coffee
815 N Hudson Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (Google Maps)

Looking for a cafe that takes their coffee seriously and sources ingredients locally, look no further than Elemental Coffee.

This minimalist cafe offers a polished environment for enjoying espresso, craft coffee, and pastries.

The baristas are knowledgeable and passionate about their craft, and the coffee is of top-notch quality.

The outdoor patio offers a great view of downtown, making Elemental Coffee a must-visit for coffee lovers.

17. Chae Cafe & Eatery

Chae Cafe & Eatery
7300 N Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73116 (Google Maps)

Chae Cafe & Eatery is a cozy and contemporary cafe that offers a diverse menu of Korean cuisine, coffee, and tea.

The prices are a bit higher than average, but the quality of the food and drinks justifies the cost.

The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing, making it an ideal place to work or catch up with friends. The staff is friendly and accommodating, and the self-service water station is a nice touch.

The cafe is a great option for those who appreciate locally owned businesses and want to try something new.