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Oklahoma City’s Liquid Treasures: 4 Must-Visit Lakes!

Oklahoma City is known for its beautiful lakes that offer a variety of recreational activities for locals and tourists alike.

Whether you're looking for a place to fish, boat, swim, or simply relax, there's a lake in Oklahoma City for everyone. From small, secluded lakes to large, bustling ones, there's no shortage of options.

The lakes in Oklahoma City are not only great for outdoor activities, but they also provide stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

With crystal-clear waters and lush greenery, these lakes are a sight to behold. Plus, they're home to a diverse range of wildlife, including fish, birds, and even deer.

No matter what time of year it is, Oklahoma City's lakes are always buzzing with activity. During the summer months, you can find families picnicking, swimming, and boating.

In the fall, the changing leaves provide a picturesque backdrop for hiking and camping trips. And in the winter, ice fishing and ice skating are popular pastimes.

Overall, Oklahoma City's lakes are a true gem of the city. With their natural beauty and endless recreational opportunities, they're a must-visit for anyone in the area.

So, pack your bags, grab your gear, and get ready to explore the best lakes in Oklahoma City.

1. Lake Hefner

Lake Hefner
Oklahoma City, OK (Google Maps)

Lake Hefner is a beautiful spot that offers a great escape from the city. It's a large lake that's perfect for fishing, boating, and sailing.

The park and trails around the lake are well maintained, making it a great place for outdoor activities.

There are also a few restaurants in the area that offer lakeside views. The highlight of the lake is the lighthouse, which is a popular spot for photos.

It's a great place to spend a day, whether you're looking for adventure or just a peaceful escape.

2. Lake Overholser

Lake Overholser
Oklahoma City, OK (Google Maps)

Lake Overholser is a serene and well-maintained lake that offers a variety of leisure activities.

With depths of up to 10 feet, it's a great spot for fishing enthusiasts looking to catch catfish, bass, rainbow, and perch.

Visitors can also enjoy biking, walking, and boating on the lake. The park surrounding the lake is perfect for small picnics and peaceful evenings.

With its beautiful sunset views, Lake Overholser is a must-visit for anyone looking for a tranquil getaway.

3. Kitchen Lake

Kitchen Lake
Oklahoma City, OK 73165 (Google Maps)

Looking for a local fishing spot with stunning sunset views to boot?

Kitchen Lake is the place to be!

This small lake is perfect for a lazy afternoon of bank or dock fishing.

And when the day winds down, visitors can enjoy some of the most breathtaking sunset scenes around.

Don't miss out on this hidden gem!

4. Lake Stanley Draper

Lake Stanley Draper
Oklahoma City, OK (Google Maps)

Lake Stanley Draper is a great spot for outdoor activities. Boating, fishing, and biking are popular pastimes here.

The lake and surrounding area are clean and well-maintained. There are plenty of picnic spots and a bar and grill inside the marina.

The biking and walking trail loop around the lake is challenging and rewarding. However, swimming is not allowed and the lake can be unsafe at night.

Despite this, Lake Stanley Draper is a great place to enjoy nature and the outdoors.